Letter Home – February 25, 1945

19450225a-Lscan-600My Dear Dad;

So glad to receive your letter. Not often do I hear from you that you. Glad to hear that you have the basement all fixed up like new. I won’t know the old house when I get home will I.

Sure have been busy here lately. Haven’t had time to write to any one, and to top it off, I have a slight case of Yellow Johnis ( I know it’s not spelled right but you get what I am mean. ) most of the Fellows go to the hospital with it, but if I don’t have to go I won’t as I hate hospitals. I can’t eat anything that has fact in it or grease foods. I feel good at times and then I have some off hours. Right now I feel fine

19450225b-Lscan-600Glad to hear that Champaign has such a swell basketball. I hope they win the state this year. They always go to the state but never win it.

Well we were cited by the French again so now we are entitled to wear the “converted fourragère”, French chord of Honor. It’s a red & green braid that goes around your shoulder. So far we are the only American division to win the honor. Pretty good eh. We also set a record of a hundred straight days of combat on the front lines. We had been in the lines from the day we hit Southern France until Colmar fell. It’s a long time and we sure need a rest.

Tell Charlie Shepherd thanks for the honey. I received a package today.

19450225c-Lscan-600Guess I know it’s tough about Don Brown & Jim Ayers, but that’s the way this game goes. There probably a prisoner. That’s what most of the MIA’s are. They should hear something about them soon.

Well I guess I’ll bring this to a close for now. If you and Mon need any money to pay something for the car, the house, yourselves go ahead and use it. I’ll never be able to repay you two for the happiness you have gave to me. Remember all of those nickels, dimes and quarters you use to give me. Ha ha. By By for now & write again soon.

Your Son,

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