Letter Home – February 22 1943

19430222-600-LscanDear Mother and Dad;

We’ll another convoy came in today and I received a bunch of mail. I had letters from Gee, Bernard, Billy, Esther, Hixon, and Rita. I was sure surprised to hear from Rita. It was the first letter that I have had from her since I have been in Africa. She said that she has been writing to me all the time but I just haven’t received them yet. Here I thought that she had forgot all about me and then I get a letter that she is still waiting for me to come home. I did feel pretty low when I didn’t get a letter from her but I guess everything is OK and now. Oh well many a thing can happen before this war is over. Well you came pretty close to guessing where I was, but few were wrong. If I was any place near Paul I would try to look him up but I am many miles from him. He is back where we used to be. I wish we would hurry up and move up to the front so we can get this war over with but I guess the big shots know what they are doing and all we can do is wait. We had a grudge game with “C” company, we won the first gained 2 to 1 and they wanted a returned game. Well we played them and got beat 8 to 2. Not very good was it. I hit two triples and died on third base both times. I don’t know what was wrong with us but we just couldn’t seem to get going. We hadn’t played for a long time so that could count for it. I think I will go to town tomorrow but there is not much there so I don’t see why I am going. I have about a hundred dollars saved up now so I will be sending it home soon as I can get a money order. How much have I’m home now? I hope you and dad have been using my money and buy what ever you want with it. If I could send all of the money in the world home it still wouldn’t make up for the happiness that you two have given to me. Tell Margaret Fleshner polo for me and that as soon as I get a letter from her and get her new address I will write her, also tell Aunt Mary Hello and that I’m thinking of her. Goodbye and I will be loving you both.

YOUR SON “Chick”

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