Letter Home – February 14, 1943

19430214-600-LscanDear Mother & Dad;

I received your Valentine today “Valentines Day”. Pretty good huh! Time right to the day. Our “V” mail letters will soon be photographed so you should get them much sooner. I’m sending you a piece of paper which entitles you to send me the following articles. Just give me a cheap pocket watch and send me my wristwatch. As for the comic books you can get them from Billy or Harry. For that Hershey bars get either Nestles or Almond bars. Be sure they are wrapped good as they get tossed around quite hard. If the candy is too heavy, just fill in it and with comic books so I get hard candy here, but no comic books. Most of the Fellows read them and I get a kick out of them. I went to mass this morning at 11:30 AM. You are probably still in bed. It is sure hot and dusty during the day time here. We play volleyball but of an evening and you get sewed dirty and dusty that you have to take a shower. I guess I will close now and write more later. Goodbye and I’ll be loving you both.

Your Son “Chick”

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