Letter Home – February 11, 1945

19450211a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Your mail is coming through swell now. I have some letters hear dated Jan 24,25,27,28,30th.
Move so all in answer a few of your questions. Well I received a letter from boy that you wrote for my address. I went through training with him at Leonard wood. He is from Danville. He has come home on a furlough from the south Pacific. He was their 32 months. Well mom thick book would cause a lot of whirring so it’s better if no one looks at it. Just put it away. I’m glad you’re meeting new people at Holy Cross. I knew a lot of the boys but I have been gone so long that I have forgotten them. I know their names though. So dad is working on the basement again. 19450211b-Lscan-600Ha, ha. He has to be doing something. I bet he’s sowing grass seed already. But when the time comes he has the best looking house and yard in the neighborhood.

Today is Sunday, and I went to mass at the 15th infantry. It’s not bad now, that the pocket is finally will cleaned up. There is little to do but no place to go. They have a show here for the infantry boys so we usually sneaked in the show also.

Guess this is all I have to say now so I’ll bring it to a close. By by and I love you both.

Your Son,

PS. put this recommendation sheet in my scrap book.

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