Letter Home – December 9, 1943

Letter Home 1943-12-09Dear Mother & Dad,

I should have wrote to you yesterday but as usual I’m slow again. Received your November 20 letter today mail is pretty slow. O yea! ha, ha. I received a carton of cigarettes from the vets of foreign wars to day. They are trying to hook me already. When I get home I want to stay there. Sure mom go ahead and send the pipe to me. It won’t hurt if it has been smoked a few times. In one of the packages I received from Es and Harry, there was some popcorn. You know the big yellow grains, like we used to buy from Brownie’s. Well we have a little stove and I used one of your Crisco cans and popped it. Boy it turned out swell. Just about every grain popped. So if you can buy some please send it to me. The corn they sent me came in pound packages gee but it was good. You see they do not raise pop corn here in Italy. Received a letter from Snook and it sounded as if he might be here in Italy, but I still doubt it. Good buy for now.
Your Son

NOTE: Brownies was a grocery store located on South Neil Street in Champaign, IL at the time but was unable to find any online reference.

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