Letter Home – December 28, 1943

Letter Home 1943-12-28 aDear Mother & Dad,

Well there’s not many days left in this month is there? Boy is it cold here at the present time. There is a strong wind blowing and what I mean it’s really blowing. It has been snowing up in the mountains for the last three days. We had to stake our tent completely down to keep it from blowing away.
I’m having a hard time trying to keep up with my letter writing. I have so many letters. It’s funny that there aren’t any Kae Woodie pipes around. I notice there are quite a few advertisements out on them. If you ever find any send me a couple or three. Also I’ll take some more popcorn and comic books. O yes, now I’m starting to get book that you took out on subscription.
I’m including a letter to Juanita. They sent me a package and I lost their address. Well Mom & Dad, I had better bring this to a close. Sorry that there is so little to write about but at least it’s a letter to let you know I’m OK. Goodbye and I love you both very much.
Your Son

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