Letter Home – December 28, 1942

Dear Mother & Dad,
Hello! How is every one at home? Ok I hope. I’m fine and feel swell. It sure doesn’t seem like there is a war going on here. But look out. You know that’s the only way were going to get the war over with. I still say we will be home by next Christmas. I went to 10:15am mass Sunday and it started raining just as mass started so four of us fellows held a blanket over the alter as the Priest has to finish the mass once it started. Boy we sure got wet. I cleared off in the after noon and we played ball. We had a good game but our team lost 3 to 2. Did you read what the fellows that were wounded here when we landed had to say about the place. We had some news that the — CENSORED — fellows arrived home. We have just had a mail call. Mr. Kuhn sent me $10.00 today. I’ll write him and thank him and you have dad thank him too. Good by and I’ll write you both again New Years day. I suppose Paul Wilson is here but I don’t know where.
Your son “Chick”

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