Letter Home – December 23, 1943

Letter Home 1943-12-23Dear Mother & Dad,

Better drop you a line before I get way behind again. Unless I’m in the mood I just don’t write letters. I have about eight staring me in the face now waiting to be answered. I received a check or a money order from Mr. Kuhn today $10.00 ha, ha. How much money do I have at home now? There is sure very little too write about here. Oh yea! Let me know how the checks are still coming in. If they don’t change I’ll see the company clerk again. Just think only two more days until Christmas. Boy it sure doesn’t seem that way to me. Oh well, let’s hope I will be home next Christmas and then we can for get everything that has happened. Doubt if I will get to see Snook for a while now. Maybe someday we will come across each other again. Well mom and Dad, I had better call it quits for the night. Goodbye and I love you both very much.
Your Son

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