Letter Home – December 15, 1944

19441215a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

Well I have quite a few letters from you before me so I have put off answering your questions long enough. Now that I have a little free time I’ll try to answer as many as I can. The letters date clear back to July 3rd, and up to the present date.

Joe Watters was transferred to Headquarter Company of the 10th. It’s a much better deal for him as he was so nervous. I had to laugh at your letter when you said that the Nelsons had received a letter from Bud and from the way it sounded that he was in action. The only action he will see from Headquarters Company in a signal outfit, is the sound of the big guns in the distant, and then he will be so far back that they are faint to him, ha, ha. Yes I will have to talk to him some day and see how close he really did get.

19441215b-Lscan-600You told me that dad had the car painted and paid for it out of his own pocket. Now, how many times must I’d tell you any time you have use for my money please use it. I can never repay you two for the enjoyment you have given me in life. Tinnies outfit is in the 5th Army in Italy so I probably never will get to see him. You ask if I had ever received the Mexican Heat Powder. Yes Mom, have most of it left. Oh say while I think of it will you send me the Chicago Herald and Tribune funny papers every week. Yes I still get the Champaign Paper. It’s a little old but there are a lot of things I read in the paper that you don’t tell me about. I have a couple of letters from you dad in these also so don’t you think it’s about time you write your old son, ha, ha.

No Mom I never see Herman anymore. For all I know he could be out of the Division. You wanted to know if V-mail travels faster than regular mail. Yes coming from you the V-mail travels faster. I think my letters get home all about the same no matter how they are sent.

So Dale Trees is going into infantry. Boy that stuff. But he has had it easy long enough. But to the infantry! I’m glad Harold funny passed, he has waited so long for it. Poor mom, I wish you wouldn’t worry about me drinking the whisky. I’m still the same boy I was when I left, and I’ll be the same when I get home. You said Ormand was foolish. Well maybe he was, but if it made him happy that’s all that’s necessary. I had a letter from him today telling me that he was wounded. I always told him to stay out of combat but he wouldn’t listen to me. He lasted just 18 days of combat before he was hit. He should have it made for some time though. Received the orange cookies, and boy were they ever good.

From the looks of the clippings you sent me, you must have did pretty good on your district convention. Yes I hear from Eddie Hart all the time. He is in the 35th Division and in the 3rd Army. Yes I knew that VanWerven boy will. He used to work in Champaign, at the University. From the way you and dad wrote it, you wouldn’t think that you liked Roosevelt. Well I know he should’nt have ran but he was the best man for the job and if I would have voted I would have voted for him. I think he is doing a pretty good to job of it. I see where John Murry’s folks received a letter from some Italian people, and they had to take it to the University to have it translated. Well you may have to do the same thing one of these days, but it will probably be written in German. These people that I have been visiting said, that if I didn’t write to them they were going to write to you and find out whats what about me. They are really swell people treat me as a son. Ha, ha, I told them that you and dad came from Hanover when you were 20 years old. Most of these people have German blood in them and it always helps to snow them a little. It’s a shame that I told the little fib to these people as they think I’m about it. They have a nice daughter. One like I would like to marry, but it’s impossible. So don’t worry about me, ha, ha, but I guess there are too many girls in the states. But I say she is one girl, or should I say a girl that I would like to find in the states. Oh well maybe I will be able to keep in touch with them. Well I guess that about winds the questions up.

Did I tell you, I went to mass and communion Sunday morning. It’s so nice to go to mass in a church. It’s a beautiful church, and they have a wonderful choir. I was the only soldier in the church that went to communion so I could sure feel the eyes looking at me. I have some pictures that I’m going to send home to you as soon as a I can get them censored. Well I guess I had better bring this to a close. I’ll try and not get so far behind in my letters to you now, and I think I will answer your questions as you ask them. By by to you both and dad I’ll be looking for a letter from you.


Here are some pictures that another boy gave me

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