Letter home – August 7, 1943

19430807a-Lscan-600 Dear Mother & Dad;

Conditions on writing letters now are so good between sweating out artillery fire and airplanes you just can’t concentrate on what you are doing. (believe it or not a ME-109 just came over and you should have heard they guns opened up, wow. There I was making a flying dive under a truck) now to get back to my letter. Things are about the same here is some day we will have the island and then maybe we will just get a rest. I just can’t think of a thing to say so I will try and answer some of your questions from your letters.

June 8, 43 – 4
19430807b-Lscan-600I’ve already sent the pictures I took in Africa home let me know how many are cutout the ESA I was in Tunis that is when I saw the king of England. Poor boy going out on maneuvers gee I bet that stuff ha ha. Wait till he hits the real thing. Yes I got the Champaign paper. Mother as far as worrying about Rita, I just don’t worry. There are too many girls in the world to worry about one.

July 1, 43 – (1)
I had a letter from hall will send the other day. He is still in Africa some place. There’s not many questions in your letter to answer.

July 4, 43 – (2)
19430807c-Lscan-600I’m glad you renewed the Champaign Paper. OK, I’m asking you now send me some key and the when ever you can get it, any kind will do. The name of that boy here is Joe Watters. I have a picture of him I am sending home. Talking of tomatoes, tomatoes are right over here now but they are small. They are a little tough but OK.

Dads letter
I don’t know why, but each time I get a letter from Dad I get tears in my eyes. I guess it’s because he doesn’t write so much. I’m glad he just about as the house painted. As far as saying my prayers Dad, I think every boy up here says them, and when the the shells start flying you say some extra one that you make up.

19430807d-Lscan-600June 6, 43 – (3)
Well I guess when Snook and all of us get home we will have a time together. We will see what happens when I get home. You get so disgusted with everything over here that I all ever think of is you and dad.

June 13, 43 -(6)
This letter was not photographed because you wrote out of bounds. I received the film’s OK and when you get some more film send it. Have you sent my pipe it yet. Maybe by the time It gets here we will be through for a while and resting then I can enjoy a good pipe to smoke.

June 19 – 43 (8)
19430807e-Lscan-600That allotment was supposed to have started April 1 and you should only get checks for $45.00

June 21, 43 (9)
I haven’t received the Candy as yet but I hopes so soon

June 23, 43 -(10)
I haven’t received any of that comic books as yet

June 28, 43 – (11)
It will be sometime before you hear from me but don’t worry it just because we could only write when they tell us. So Harold is in Michigan & Ray in Texas. I hope they like it OK.

July 10, 43 – 4
You guessed pretty close for us invading Sicily but I didn’t arrive until about five days after the landing. We caught up with the outfit and have been going strong ever cents.

July 12, 43 (5)
Tell Mrs. Fleshner then I am always thinking of her even though I don’t write. I know she calls you every day and you tell her the news. I guess you had better drive the car more to keep it in shape.

July 15, 43 (6)
This is all of the letters I have received from you so far this month. I also had one from day to day. That piece of clay that I sent home was supposed to date clear back into 2000 BC as for being in a cooler place, wow! This place is puny hot and more ways than one. I hope you had a nice time on your vacation Dad. Oh yes mom I received Sister James address. Well I guess this is all for now. I am sending you home some pictures. I had them taken in a town that we stopped close by to. I would have had more taken but didn’t get the chance to. Goodbye and write soon.

Your Son “Chick”

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