Letter Home – August 29, 1944

19440829a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

Move, move, move, you have little time for anything else here. I’m telling you, I’m having the time of my life, that is as long as the Jerries keep running. I can’t get over the way these French people treat you. They are so happy to have us here. They grab you and kiss you on both cheeks. Men, women, and girls, and what girls. Some of them are beautiful. This country has it all over Italy. If the war wasn’t on it would be a wonderful place to spend a vacation. The people shower us with all types of fruit, tomatoes, melons, Grapes etc. We trade cigarettes for eggs and other foodstuffs. I even had a quart of fresh milk. The first fresh milk I have had since I left the states.

19440829b-Lscan-600The Free French make things more easy. They blow bridges behind the Germans and run them out of towns before we get to them. I’ve never drank so much wine in my life. They stop you as you are passing by and make you take all sorts of drinks. Some of it I don’t know the name of but wow are they powerful. I had had wine that was made over 100 years ago, hard to believe isn’t it? I have only wrote to two other people besides you and dad so you see I have little time. Send me some 616 film for my camera as I am on my last role now. The old camera still works good as new. I haven’t heard from Snook so I can’t tell you much about him. They took an island off the southern coast & he is probably still there.

It’s getting late now so I had better bring this to any end. Goodbye to you both and I love you very much. Say hello to everyone for me. By By

Your Son,

PS here is just a little souvenir to put up with my things all of the French people wore some kind of a ribbon

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