Letter Home – April 29, 1945

19450429a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Well mother here it is your birthday. Mine passed and was just another day. In fact it was a pretty hectic day for me. We moved to three different times. If you could see the equipment we haul you could well understand.

We’re still moving against light opposition. Boy you should see the prisoners. It is just like Sicily. They are surrendering now a by the Battalions so maybe it will end in another month. Hope so anyway. I know you want me home but I’m afraid if I get home too soon I’ll wind up in the south Pacific. So if I get home by next Christmas, I should be home for good. I’m having a hard 19450429b-Lscan-600time finding time to write to you. I still owe a lot of letters so tell everyone hello for me. Oh Yes, you should see it snow here now. Wow! She’s plenty cold and the snow is flying. But in the day time when the sun is out it gets nice and warm. Sorry this is all I have time for now, but I’ll write again soon. By By & I’ll be thinking of you all the time

All My Love
Your Son,

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