Letter home – April 25, 1943

19430425-LscanDear Mother & Dad;
Today is Easter an I just seems like another day to me. We had mail call today and I received a letter from you and Gee. It was the first V-mail letter that I have received from you that was photographed. I guess they are photographing all of the V-Mail now though. You said in your the letter that I had three packages on the way, well I have received two of them so now I only have the pipe coming. I haven’t received any of the papers yet but I suppose it will take a little time to get them through. I will let you know as soon as I get them. As for the fountain pen, I took a pair of pliers and bent the point over again. It didn’t have any thing to lose by it, and it turned out for the best. Now I can use it again.
Boy if you only knew how hard it is to try and write you something in a letter. There it is not much I can say except it is pretty rugged here. The sun is awful hot though through the day and I’m sure brown as an Indian. I have been sun tan a lot of times, but not anything like I’m now. I had my hair cut off again the other day, so it makes me feel a little bit cooler. The nights are still pretty cold though, so you sleep well.
To day being Easter I went to mass. I went this morning to where there was supposed to be a mass, but there wasn’t any there at that time so I had to wait until this evening at 4:00. This is the first time in my life that I have ever went to church in the evening. I have went two plenty of sunrise services, but this was the first sunset service.
We had mail call the other day and that is when I received your packages. I also received a lot of birthday cards and Easter cards. You’ll have to thank everyone for me as I don’t have time to write to any one now of days. Tell them I will write to them the first chance I get. Pretty soon we will have a little time I hope and then I will be able to get caught up. Goodbye for now and I will be loving you both very much.
Your Son “CHICK”

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