Letter Home – April 18, 1944

19440418a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

What’s cooking at home. Gee, but I would like to see the inside of a clean house for a change. But we do have a pretty good shack to live in here or I should say dugout. Mel and I dug into the side of a hill, put a board top on it and covered it with dirt. We have it well on the inside two. We have enough room for two cots and a ledge to put our things. We have the side lined with burlap and pin up’s all around the walls. Believe it or not we even have electricity. The company got hold of a German generator in Sicily so we carry our light plant with us. Very seldom we ever get to use it in combat though but this is an exception. We even put a 19440418b-Lscan-600cardboard floor in it and sweep it out every day just like our mother used to make us sweep the house when we were kids. We call our house Melgard & Bruns “Flack Shack” Some house eh!

Sorry I am not able to send you a mother’s day card but maybe this one will take its place. Guess this is all for now. I hope you both are feeling well. By By and I love you both very much

Your Son,

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