Letter Home – April 1, 1945

19450401-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Well I my my way back to the company, but these Repo depots are going to drive me crazy. I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to get back, as the front is moving fairly fast and they can’t get in touch with the division. I’ll let you know from time to time. Don’t expect too many letters as I’m not writing to any one. — well today is Easter Sunday. Boy I’ll never for get this day. I didn’t think I was going to get to go mass today, but at the depot I’m at now I just got in and mass was going on so I went. I really had an Easter dinner, ha, ha. We were riding on a dusty road, I had a “K” rations to eat, which consisted of a piece of cheese and a cracker. For supper I had a spoonful of hash & a cup of coffee. Great Eh. Boy but I’ll be glad to get back to the company. I haven’t had any mail since I left for the hospital. Oh well I had a good time while I was at the hospital anyway. I hope you can read this as I’m writing in on my knee. Goodbye and I love you both very much. I’ll write again soon.

Your Son,

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