Letter Home – May 19, 1944

19440519-Lscan-600Dear Mother,

We have just finished a wonderful ball game. We won 1 to 0. Joe Pryz was on second and I got a hit to score him. Dad if you see Tony Pryz tell him his brother is quite the kid. Of course there was about three hundred dollars bet on the game. It was really tops, as softball games go.. Plenty of excitement. The weather is swell here now, nice and warm. I sleep like a log and at night. We sure are sweating out that invasion. I hope it comes off soon, so we came get this dog gone war over with. I had a letter or I should say a card from Eddie Hart. I’d judge he is in England. Guess this is all for now. I’ll write again soon. Goodbye and I love you both very much.

Your Son,

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