January 25, 1944 – Tuesday

SONY DSCBoy oh boy what a night. I’m telling you I was so scared that I shook like a leaf. I prayed just as hard as I could pray. Some bombs jarred the plaster out of the walls and I was sure one bomb was going to hit us right in the middle. You could hear it whistle as it came down. They raided all night long, but most of them were out over the sea. We watched about five planes be shot down. This morning at breakfast they were over again. One bomb hit about 200 yrds from us and scared the devil out of me. I sure hope we get out of here soon. I have aged 20 years over last night and this morning. Jerry is not satisfied with bombing us but now the artillery shell are starting to come close. He was over again at dinner and twice at supper time. The bombs hit down in the town at the docks though.

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