January 21, 1945 – Sunday

SONY DSCI really had a good time there last few days. I was a little sick in my stomach and couldn’t eat. They thought it was the way they prepared their food. They really treated me swell. And for the first time over sea’s I slept in a bed between two white sheets. We left to go back to camp about 9:30 am. It had snowed all day yesterday and last night and the snow was about a foot deep. We caught some good rides, but my feet just about froze again coming home. We got a ride all the way to HQ Co. and them caught a jeep and came back to camp. The company had moved from the last area and are now in a place called Behnenwiel. The Division is getting ready to attack and the village is sure loaded with G.I.’s and equipment. Went to bed early.

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