Dec 4, 1942 – Friday

Well we only have 15 miles to do today but boy my feet are killing me. Last night I was so tired that I had a rock as big as my two fists right in the middle of my back so I just moved it and then I didn’t even notice the small ones. We will start at 8:00am today. Here it is in the evening again and boy do my muscles ache. After we fell out for chow at noon and then started up again. I thought I was never going to get started. It would take me a mile to get my legs warmed up so I could walk. We camped out side of an old Casba that was over 400 years old. It was taken over by the French soldiers and was used as a cavalry stables. We went over and looked around and saw all of the horses and other interesting things. They had a big temple tower that had a winding stair case to the top of it. It had no stair step but a hard dirt path was used to get to the top and it was very narrow. There was also a Arab temple or Masque in there but we a same as the French, we are forbidden to go near them. Guess I will turn in.

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