Charles F. Bruns lived in the East Central Illinois town of Champaign. A local athlete, ‘Chick’ joined the Army in 1941. In October of 1942 he was sent to the European Theater. During his tour he was able to keep is daily thoughts in a journal that is presented here. Additionally, photos, letters written to home, news paper articles, and historic references will be shared.

Chick Bruns

Closing Comment

Chick - JohnYesterday, after almost 3 years, my father’s WWII Diary came to a close and my daily journey with dad concluded;  but my journey with his experiences will continue.   My hope is to continue to publish photos, video and audio that I have collected and share more about his adventure on his website, FaceBook, twitter and through public presentations.

I can’t express my heart felt thanks to all who contacted & encouraged me throughout this project.   It has been a honor and pleasure bringing this to you.

John Bruns

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Home Coming

Francis (dad), Chick, Johanna (mom)

Francis (dad), Chick, Johanna (mom)

Bernadine Bruns (sister-in-law) Esther (sister),  Chick,  Geneva (sister)

Mildred Bruns (sister-in-law) Esther (sister), Chick, Geneva (sister)









Girlfiriend Rita Fleshner & Chick

Girl friend – Rita Fleshner & Chick

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August 18, 1945 – Saturday

We turned in our sheets. Had a council. Drew our clothes. Got paid and had our final talk. Received our discharge. Now I am a civilian. I walked out the gate to meet Harry. He was the last person I saw when I left the States and the first one I saw when I came back. Now that my army career is over I will bring this to a close.

The End

Geneva Barber (sister) ,Johanna Bruns (mother),  Chick Bruns, Francis Bruns (father)

Geneva Barber (sister) ,Johanna Bruns (mother), Chick Bruns, Francis Bruns (father)


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August 17, 1945 – Friday

SONY DSCWe sweated out all morning of getting our names on the roster. Finally after dinner or I should say at 3 pm I got on the roster. We got a talk and then a Physical exam. I called Es and told her to come pick me up tomorrow.  Wilusz, Butts, and I went to a show, had a coke and came home to bed.

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August 16, 1945 – Thursday

A4P92-7-600We were on our way again last night, but Wilusz and I fixed some bags up so we could go to sleep. We are traveling through Pennsylvania now, next Ohio, the Indiana, and last we are pulling into Chicago. We got there at 4:30 pm and laid over until 9:15 pm. We messed around in the yards from the south side over to the north side. We got out to Ft. Sheridan at 10 o’clock. We started our processing right away and by the time I got my shower taken it was 2:30 am.

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August 15, 1945 – Wednesday

SONY DSCWe walked over to the PX this morning to waste time. We took our bags over at noon and left at 1 o’clock for Chicago. We make good time up until we hit New York. Then we had a layover for a few hours. We were out in the Yards but could see the lights of the city.

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August 14, 1945 – Tuesday

SONY DSCWe were treated swell last night in Watersville, Maine. The whole town turned out to give us sandwiches and milk. Then about 12 o’clock at night the Red Cross was waiting with milk and doughnuts. We pulled into camp about 7 o’clock. Ate breakfast and went to a welcome home speech. We drew a suit of sun tans. Went over to the PX. Slept all afternoon and in the evening we went to the show. During the show they announced that the war was over with Japan. We talked to some people. Got my first milk shake in 3 years and went home. Called Pat on the phone. First time I gave the wrong address. But I got her the second time.

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August 13, 1945 – Monday

A4P108-6-600I laid around all morning. Ate dinner and laid around till 3 o’clock. We took our bags over and got ready to go. We went by trucks to a small town and boarded a train. We are going to camp Myles Standish in Massachusetts.

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August 12, 1945 – Sunday

A4P110-1-600We landed in New Foundland at Harmon Field. We ate breakfast there and then took off for the States. We landed at Presq Isle, Maine. We drew clean sheets and ate dinner. I took a shower. Went down to the PX and called mom. Then went to the show. We are to leave tomorrow. Went down to the non com’s club and drank a few glasses of beer. Then went home to bed.

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August 11, 1945 – Saturday

A4P109-4-600Slept all morning. Went to the show in the afternoon. When we got home from the show we found our names on the board to be ready to leave at 7 o’clock. Turned in our blankets and ate chow. We went down to the terminal at 7 o’clock. We sat around till 9 o’clock and then boarded the C 54. We had to wait for a clearance so it was 9:30 before we took off. I went to the back of the plane and laid down to go to sleep.

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