Charles F. Bruns lived in the East Central Illinois town of Champaign. A local athlete, ‘Chick’ joined the Army in 1941. In October of 1942 he was sent to the European Theater. During his tour he was able to keep is daily thoughts in a journal that is presented here. Additionally, photos, letters written to home, news paper articles, and historic references will be shared.

Chick Bruns

July 29, 1944 – Saturday

SONY DSCWent in on pass today. Stopped in to visit Paul. We went down to the Park and listened to the music. Had a bottle of Champagne and went to the show.

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July 28, 1944 – Friday

SONY DSCDid a few odd jobs around but not much. Went to a show in at Pouzzouli.

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July 27, 1944 – Thursday

SONY DSCAbout the same as yesterday.

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July 26, 1944 – Wednesday

SONY DSCNothing to do. Played cards and went to a show. That’s about all for today.

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Letter Home – July 25, 1944

19440725-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

Guess I had better get a letter off while I have the time. I’m going to be pretty busy so I’ll have little time to write at all. Keep writing and when I can I’ll write to you. I love you and dad very much you know, and I know you think I should come home. But just think of all the places I’ll miss seeing if I came home now. I have gone this far and might just as well finish. You know you told me once before to look up dad’s father so I will, ha, ha. Please don’t worry about me and say a few prayers extra for me when you have the time. I feel swell now. Thanks for the clipping in the paper. I’m getting to be a popular boy, ha, ha. I’m sorry I have so little to write about, but there is nothing I can say. Goodbye to you both and I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Your Son,

PS I wanted you to spend that money on yourself not on the car or the house

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July 25, 1944 – Tuesday

SONY DSCWe are getting more trucks ready to go. When we will leave I don’t know – one of these days though. Heard last night that we were going on a dry run first. Went to a show and then to bed.

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July 24, 1944 – Monday



I issued stuff out all day today. The time is getting short. We have loaded part of our stuff on ships. We were issued four bottles of beer and 2 cakes today. Not bad. The beer was from America for a change. I was pretty tired so I wrote a couple of letters and went to bed.

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July 23, 1944 – Sunday

SONY DSCI messed around camp all morning and then Steve and I took off for Naples. We went to a show and then to Madison Square Garden’s to the Prize Fights. They were pretty good. Drank a little “Vino” and came home. We were hungry so we went over for some potatoes and eggs again.

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July 22, 1944 – Saturday

SONY DSCThere’s plenty to do around here now, and the landings can’t be far off. Half the company gets to go on pass today and the other half tomorrow. Steve and I went over to some Dago’s house to get some potatoes and eggs to eat. They were sure good.

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July 21, 1944 – Friday

SONY DSCThe company came down at noon today. I was issuing things out all afternoon. We went to a show in the evening.

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