johnfbruns_sailLooking for a guest speaker about WWII at an upcoming  event?  John Bruns, the son of Charles ‘Chick’ Bruns and editor of this site may be who your looking for.   Using multi-media, John can provide your audience an insight into the life of a WWII soldier.  From the daily tasks to just staying alive, John will present what Chick did and felt during his service in Europe.  Even share video of Chick as he himself shares what happened.

Choose from the topics below, or create a custom topic to serve your audience, the presentation can be tailored to your needs.

Dear Mom & Dad;
Follow Chick in Europe through the letters he wrote home to his parents.  From his first days in North Africa, touring in Rome and walking through Hitler’s house in Berchtesgaden,  hear it as his parents did.  Additionally, insight into the way mail was censored, processed and delivered will be shared with analogies of today’s instant communications.

Presented in the style of the 1960’s travelogue, follow Chick’s journey through Europe with pictures and narration.  See the cities, travel the country side and listen as Chick tells of his adventure through Africa, Sicily, Italy, France, Germany and Austria.

Run Forest, Run!
Have you seen the movie ‘Forest Gump’ and wondered how one man could have been in so many iconic places.  Enjoy this similar tale as Chick’s photos and stories take you to such places as Sicily’s  ‘The bridge in the Sky’,  Sites of Rome, The Nazi’s Nuremberg Stadium and Hitler’s Eagles Nest.

The Project
John shares his journey and how he put this online diary together.  From the research to interviewing his dad, John will share the inside details of his 3 year adventure.   This presentation will all you to see the original diary & photo albums, learn about the deadlines and events along the way.

Honor Flight
Spend 2 long days with Chick and fellow veterans as the tour Washington DC as part of an Honor Flight in September of 2012.  This photographic presentation will take you everywhere these men went and show you the joy & emotions they shared.

Contact John about your special event.