September 3, 1944 – Sunday

People we stayed with in Oyew

People we stayed with in Oyew

We went to mass at the church this morning. After mass we took some pictures. The Priest invited us in and we drank the wine that was used in the mass. It was very good. The people followed us every where. I could have ran for town mayor and made it. They all knew me by name, and when they found out that I was leaving they hated to see us go. Ray, Mimi, Florence and I went for a walk in the afternoon. We are to leave at about 8 pm. We went for a small walk around the country side. It is really beautiful. So peaceful and quiet. I’m glad I’m leaving because I think I might be falling in love myself. Poor Florence was ready to cry all afternoon and then when we left she cried like a baby. It made me feel a little sad myself. We went back to the truck and got ready to go. Lawson saidSONY DSC he wouldn’t be back until morning so Ray and I took off again. Florence thought I was staying and she ran and threw her arms around me but when I told her we were leaving in the morning she grew sad again. We said good-bye to everyone all over again. The Boyers hated to see us leave also. We had ate dinner with them and what a meal it was. For the last time I told Florence good-bye. It was getting harder to tell her good-bye all the time so I’m glad I’m leaving. Tomorrow I will be 200 miles from here. I’ll never forget the village of Oyeu.

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  1. Willie-n-Joe says:

    I can’t be certain but “Oyew” may be Oyue, southeast of Lyon, as found on GoogleMaps,5.477077&sspn=5.9423744,11.3005057&q=Oyeu,+France&sa=X&ei=9CsLVNa9GIjjsASKmIDQAQ&ved=0CBQQ8gEoADAA

    The 36th ID of the VI Corps had reached Lyon on 2 September 1944.

    “S FRANCE–In U.S. Seventh Army area, 1st ABTF regains contact with enemy and clears strongpoint at La Turbia. Prov Flank Protection Force (TF Bibo) is relieved by 2d Mor Div in Briançon area. French are to protect right flank of U.S. Seventh Army and maintain contact with 1st ABTF to S. In VI Corps area, 36th Div halts just E and SE of Lyon to permit Fr 2d Corps to take the city, which patrol reports largely clear. 179th Inf, 45th Div, restores positions at Meximieux. In Fr Army B area, Lt Gen Aimè de Goislard de Monsabert takes command of 2d Corps, consisting of 1st Armd and 1st Inf Divs. “

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