President Roosevelt reviews the troops

On January 21, 1943, the 3rd Division was present at the making of world history. On this day President Franklin D. Roosevelt reviewed troops of the 3rd Infantry and 2nd Armored Divisions on the main highway leading north from Sale. He was accompanied by many dignitaries. General Clark and General Anderson were in the rear of the jeep during it’s progress past the 3rd Infantry Division Troops.

The President, wearing a gray business suit and gray felt hat, with a black band around his left arm, in mourning for his mother, rode in the front seat of an army jeep down the long line of troops, which extended about one mile along the tree-lined highway.  Soldiers were in full field uniform with bayonets fixed, and heavy weapons and some organic transportation from each unit was lined up behind the troops east of the highway.

SOURCE:  History of the Third Infantry Divison in WWII

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