October 3, 1944 – Tuesday

SONY DSCWorked around all morning, and right after dinner Council, Zirkel and I went fishing with TNT. When we got back the company was packing up. We are retreating. Or I should say falling back to better positions. We moved after supper as the infantry was pulling out tonight. We moved over to Remiremont in another textile factory.


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2 Responses to October 3, 1944 – Tuesday

  1. Bonnie Specchio says:

    I totally love reading all the diary entries and seeing the photos – what an incredible family treasure!
    My 85- year old dad was in the Army during the Korean war era and was fortunate enough to be stationed in France. I know he would enjoy reading the diary, but is in the nursing home without Wi-Fi access. Is the diary available in book form? Thinking it would be a good Christmas present. Thanks and God bless!

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