Nov 8, 1942 – Sunday

Wow! today is the day.  It is now 9:30am and the zero hour is getting near.  The announcement just came over the phone, batter up so that means a fight.  Now came the play ball.  Everyone is anxious to find out what is going to happen.  Wow! all hell has just broke out.  I’ll finish this latter.  It is now 10:00am and the navy’s big guns are still blazing.  Boy oh boy, what a battle.  I have been out on deck all during and you can see the big shells falling all around the ships.  The coast is just literally being blown to bits.  Wave after wave of men are going in.  One destroyer just came by and it had the back end of it shot off.  About 20 big, four motored German bombers came over escorted by fighter planes.  Man did they ever start bombing us.  Bombs just fell like rain.  the Ships guns all opened up and soon drove them off.  They came back once more but no damage was done.  Five destroyers tried to get out to the port of Fedala but our cruisers sank three of them and the rest went back.  The Jean Bart and the Massachusetts was having a big battle down at Casablanca.  This battle has been going on all morning.  the battle ships are having a hard time of silencing the coastal artillery.  they have all silenced but one gun.  Two cruisers teamed up to knock it out.  You could see the shells falling all round the cruisers.  There were firing some range finder  shells.  They  were colored red when they exploded.  It would have gave  anything to have technicolor camera.  They would run in toward shore fine going in , then turn broadside and fire.  And would also fire as they were retreating.  The coastal guns have stopped firing and the time is 2:00pm so they must have knocked it out.  Not much happened the rest of the day and tonight have been playing cards.

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