Nov 17, 1943 – Wednesday

SONY DSCThings were very quiet last night, only through over a couple of shells.  Boy is it ever and miserable.  It’s still raining,  It rained all night.  We have to stay behind to get the tanks and artillery out and they are up in mud so deep that they are going to keep them there.  The infantry has been coming down off of the hill and are they ever a mess.  They are all cold, wet, unshaven, and very tired.  I don’t see how the Jerries even stand it up there.  I know how I feel right now and only my feet are wet.  I only have the socks I have on my feet left and they are so wet   I can ring water out of them.  Its cold and you can’t have fires or the Germans would see them & shell you.  God, if I could just get warm.  We talked a while of home and then soon went to bed.  Only to be shelled.

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