Nov 17, 1942 – Tuesday

Wow did I spend a hellish night.  The mosquitoes flew over in dive bombing formation and peeled off on me.  I counted 17 Bites on one shoulder alone.  They kept me awake until I got up and put my head net on.  We cleaned a few rifles that were salvaged from the battle field and boy were they a mess.  The climate has been swell but today it was a little cold and damp.  There’s not a whole lot to write about so I will go to bed.  I don’t believe I have said much about the people here.  The natives are real dirty and go around wearing ragged old clothes that I don’t they ever take off.  The also have a cape or a burlap bag as we call the over the top of them.  The men ride on mules while the women walk.  I believe they are natural born beggars.  The French people are very glad we came and do they ever appreciate sweets such as candy & gum.  one lady hadn’t ever seen butter for two years.  We eat a little of their bread and it is made of rye without any seasoning in it.  They all drink wine as their was water.

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