Nov 14, 1942 – Saturday

Nothing new today, it was just about the same as Friday.  Except hauling ammunition we hauled the casualties from the torpedoing from the night before.  They were sure a pitiful looking sight.  Most all of them had 3rd degree burns.  One of the French Medical men gave me about a pint of wine to drink.  Boy was it good.  While we were switching the cars around over at the yards, myself and the brakeman got aboard a train loaded with wine barrels.  He had a pan so we rolled one of the barrels over and filled the pan full of red wine and drank it.  We had to take the railroad crew to Casablanca so when we arrived at this town they had us in for some more.  They had a drink called Anisette and it tasted like licorice. It was good and powerful.  We then came home to go to bed.  As I lay in my nice soft bed, Ha Ha, I am wondering what is happening at home.  the people of America do not realize how lucky and grateful they can be for living in America.  If they could only see this place, it would sure change their minds.

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