Nov 12, 1942 – Thursday

We learned this morning that the USS Hughes had been sunk by a sub. We had a few fellows on that ship but all reached shore safely. The sub also hit three other ships but didn’t sink them. we spent the day trying to find our barrack bags. We were wondering how are fellow made out and today we found out. One was killed by a mortar and four were wounded. Three are still missing. About 5:30 we heard three loud explosions . Soon were to learn that the subs and torpedoed three of our ships and they were sinking fast. One was the Bliss, that was the ship we came over on. The other the Rutledge and an old tanker. The sailors were coming to shore by the hundreds. They were all covered with oil, some were burned, some crying, others it didn’t seem to bother. We were making coffee for them and trying to keep them warm. The Q.M. (Quarter Master) was passing out blankets and clothing to try and keep the fellows warm. I sure felt sorry for them. Hitler should have his whole body run thought a food chopper just a little at a time. I was on guard from 7 until 12 and when I went to bed the Bliss was still burning and exploding from the ammunition she was carrying. It seemed as though she never was going to go down but I will find out in the morning.

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