Nov 10, 1942 -Tuesday

We were up at 6:30am and made some coffee from our “K” rations and then went to work.  While they were changing the wheels, I got my first glimpse of the town.  Frenchy and I went in to see if we could buy some wine, but no scoop.  the town had been shelled pretty badly as the French turned their own guns on the town when they saw that they were defeated.  The natives are sure dirty and ragged.  They are all beggars and bum cigarette and money from you all the time.  the French people are sure glad we came.  We all wear an American flag on our arms, and the French were getting for our arm bands, some were even crying for them.  the Fighting is still going on in Casablanca and the casualties are high but we are still pushing forward.  One Colonel was crying and said that he wanted the boys to retreat but they just laughed and kept right on going.  It is night now and we are not working on the railroad.  you can hear the artillery firing in Casablanca.  We keep a guard posted all the time as the natives steal everything they get their hands on and the snipers pick a few men off every night.

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