News Paper Clipping

Chick Bruns, who batted .300 consistently while he played in the Eastern Illinois Corn Belt baseball leagues here, is now hitting .300 or better for Uncle Sam.  Private First Class Bruns was in his first battle November 8, in French Morocco and he is now stationed in Casablanca.
“I came through my first battle in good shape.” he writes his parents, Mr. and Mrs F. B. Bruns, 303 West Maple.  “It started at 5 a.m., November 8.  I didn’t get scared until the aircraft came over.  Then I turned green.  I suppose Brother is out hunting these days;  well, I have been hunting, too, only these animals shoot back.  Now I know how a rabbit feels.”
“The French and the natives were so glad to see us they cried.  They sure like American gum, cigarettes, and candy – any sweets.  You don’t know how lucky you are to live back in America.  All the houses are blown up here.  It is something the people back home should see.  I’m glad I’m fighting over here.
“the natives are surprised to find the Americans so big and strong.  You should see the Arabs.  What a people!  The men ride mules, the women walk and carry things on their heads.  Just like in the movies.  The climate here is perfect – better than California.”

Editor note: Publish date is not know but context is taken from a letter dated November 18, 1942

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