March 2, 1945 – Friday

SONY DSCSame as yesterday only I feel better and Paul Wilson came in to visit me. He is stationed in Nancy.

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  1. Barbara Perez says:

    I went to Omaha Beach to honor Staff Sgt. Edward Withers in June. We have adopted the care of his grave on special days.. He is from a small town near us. Your experiences mirror his. Is it possible to contact you with his information and see if you may have known him?

    Thank you for what you did. My grandchildren live wonderful lives because of it.

    Barbara Perez
    Almond, WI

    • John Bruns says:

      If Sgt Withers was at D-Day in Norther France, our paths did not meet. I was in Rome at during the D-Day invasion and came into France from the south. Thanks for taking care of a fellow WWII soldier. Chick

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