Letter Home – September 7, 1943

19430907-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,
I am writing this Practically standing on my head.  Well what did you think of Italy surrendering?  Good wasn’t it.  It shorten the war by a month now if Germany would just give up easy  things would be swell.  I went to town on pass the other day and we decided to hike up to a town up on top of a mountain.  It was about 10 miles straight up from where we were at the time.  It was really some walk.  The town was about the cleanest place I have been in yet.  They had some old churches and an old castle.  That’s the way they used to build their cities over here, on top of a mountain.  We had stakes today for dinner and I sure ate my plate of it.  I’m beginning to gain back some of the weight I lost in the last campaign.  Well goodbye and pardon the scribbles.
Your son

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