Letter Home – September 5, 1943

19430905-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,
Today is Sunday as I’m taking time out to catch up on my letter writing.  I know I have been slipping a little be a but I’ll catch up.  By went into town to mass today and it was at the same church as there is nothing to tell about that.  All I’ve been doing all day his writing letters and playing cards.  I have a couple of letters two answer of yours. August 8 (3) I wish you would have sent me the piece in the paper.  It takes so long before I get any papers.  About that Harry Mcguines boy, he is here that is a different bivouac area & hard to get to see.  Maybe if I’m over there to a show some night I will look him up.   August 21 (4)  Glad you got a kick out of the pictures, ha, ha. but I shaved the mustache the next day.  Joe Watters is here beside me right now.  He is really a swell kid.  Well goodbye Mother & Dad.  Write when you can.
Love your son,

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