Letter Home – October 22, 1944

19441022-2-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

Just a few lines to let you know I’m okea. I’m still at a loss for words & something to write about. The weather is still bad, & if we could only think of some way to rig up a stove it might not be so bad. The trouble is always having to tear the stove down when we move.

You keep wanting me to look Bud up. I’m afraid at the present time that’s impossible. You see he is in and another army all together different that I’m in. I couldn’t even look a fellow up in our own division, & Bud isn’t in a division so that makes it worse.

I know my mail is slow in getting home, but it can’t be helped. Mail service here is terrible. Even your mail to me, takes a month to get here. When we were in Italy it only took about 10 days. That’s because we are so far from any naval ports. By By & I’ll write again Soon.

Your Son,

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