Letter Home – October 22, 1944

19441022-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

I suppose you’re still worrying about your son Charles and wondering why he doesn’t write. Well if you knew how hard it is to write a letter with nothing in it you wouldn’t write either. Things are pretty slow now as the winter rains have set in, so consequently there is little to write about. We do get two go two a small town to a show once in awhile and the sides playing cards is all the recreation we have. One of these days soon I’m going to take time out an answer all of the questions in your letters.

You have been wanting me to ask for something in a letter so I will. Send me all kinds of soups, remember the kind Mrs. Fleshner used to get me. Popcorn, I can always use. Sandwich spread. A jar of mustard, ketchup, candy and anything else that you think I would like. You couldn’t get all of these things in one package so maybe you can use this letter for a couple or three packages. This is all I have time for now so goodbye. I love you both very much.

Say hello to everyone for me.

Your Son,

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