Letter Home – October 17, 1943

19431017-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,
Well I have been trying to write to you all week but no success. I guess you will just have to wait a little on my letters I know you will understand. You should have seen me dig my foxhole today. I would dig a little, and then here would come a Jerry shell screaming through the terrain and burst. The shovel would go one way and I would hit the ground. Ha, ha, you should have seen it. The infantry must have got the gun because they soon stopped firing. I want to thank you for my pipe and the Candy. It was my first candy for over four months and as for the pipe it was perfect. Send me some more comic books and if tea it isn’t rationed, send me a pound can. Also some marshmallows if you can get them. They will be hard when I when they get hear but we can roast them. One more thing, right to the Cleveland Press, Cleveland Ohio and ask for all of the papers that had Ernie Pyle’s articles on the engineers in Sicily campaign. All of the articles are about our company. Goodbye.
Your Son

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