Letter Home, November 26, 1942 – Thanksgiving

Thursday Nov 26, 1942

Dear Mother & Dad
It is Thanksgiving day but no turkey. We had a pretty good meal though. I would have loved to have been home to one of those big turkey dinners. I will be next year though. I guess we had a too good of a thing at Casablanca, because we are now out in the woods. I don’t mind though as we are away from the Arabs and wont be pestered by them. We have all built platforms under our tents so we will be up off the damp ground. It has only rained about twice since we have been here and it is during the winter rainy months to so you can tell it pretty nice here *** CENSORED *** from where we are now. It is the *** CENSORED *** Did you and dad go out to eat today. I bet you felt kinda lost with Gee gone to. Right now I am setting by our little camp fire listing to the ‘Ball of Fire’ play, put on by the Lux Ladies program on the Victrola. I guess my letters will see all full far in between, but it can’t be helped. Good by and I’ll be thinking and loving you all of the time.
Your son “Chick”

PS. Here are some more pictures for my album

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