Letter Home – November 23, 1944

19441123-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,

Here it is thanksgiving day but what a day. It has rained all day and is it miserable. We had a wonderful dinner, “canned stew”. What a life the army is. We did have a pretty good supper. We had Turkey and dressing.

What kind of dinner did you have at home, or did you make dad take you out to eat. I’ll surely be glad to get home so we can have some good time together

I got quite a kick out of your last letter, telling me the gossip. Know I never did like Glenor and I’d never did light Rita to run around with him so I told her so. I really wrote Rita a letter, the last time I wrote to her, so I doubt if I’ll be hearing from her anymore. I won it in it one way or another and I told her just that. It doesn’t bother me at all and sometime I think I would be better off without her. But we will see. By By Mom and Dad and I’ll write again soon. Lots of Love

Your Son,

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