Letter Home November 21, 1942

Dear Mother & Dad,
Here goes a little new scribbling and I do mean scribbling. There’s not much going on here. Everything is quiet. I have been down to the ocean a few times. A couple of times we went fishing but we just can’t catch anything. We can see fish a foot long swim right by our hooks. The natives sure can catch them though. It surely is beautiful here. It will cloud up and rain one minute and the sun will be shinning the next. I like it fine over here and so far you couldn’t ask for a better place to be. Right now you couldn’t even tell that there was a war going on. I have been playing catch every evening. The days go fast here as it is still dark at 7:45AM and the sun comes up about 8:30AM. The meals aren’t bad, and if they are no one seem to complain. We have a Victrola and a short wave radio here. Some nights we listen to the Germans put out some propaganda and you should hear it. You would laugh your self sick. They say that there are a lot of people in the US out of work and also say that we are losing the war. They say that US is greedy. We have a great time listening to the fellow talk. He is an English man speaking from Germany. Well Mom & dad, good by and tell every one hello for me. You will have to have Gee transcribe these letters to “Snook”. Tell Eddie Hearts mother where I am so she can write Eddie. I lost his address. Good by again and I’ll be thinking of you both.
Love your son “Chick”

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