Letter Home – November 2, 1943

19431102a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,
I have a few clippings to send you and also I haven’t answered your questions in your letters for about three months so I will catch up now.  The letters date Aug. 14, 17, 25, 27, 29, 31, Sept. 6, 7, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 29, Oct. 4, 6, 9, 12, 14, 18.  That’s all so far.  The V-mail comes much faster to me, but I like to read your long letters also.  Like I told :”Gee”, I’ll try and find that Mc Queen boy the first chance I get.  I can’t at the present time.  I received the four rolls of film.  Thanks a million.  Listen mom & dad, quit thinking that I will be home after my year is up because that’s out of the question.  They need us, so we will stay till the war is over.  I don’t think you will have long to wait.  I think I’ll be home by next 19431102b-Lscan-600June.  I don’t think they can stand the pounding much more.  The papers are over a month old, but I can at least follow things up even though they are late.  Old Charlie Miller is safe, he will never have to leave the states.  I would just like to see him once, whenever a strafing plane would come over or an 88 shelled go whistling in the air.  Believe me it’s scares the cr– out of me, but I bet he would faint, ha, ha.  Get me a little Mary’s address I would like to write to her?  Yes, mom, that’s all I’d did in Sicily, was eat watermelon.  They are not like our melons though.  They are yellow and seemed to be a cross between two or three kinds of melons.  They are plenty good.  No mom the keys were mine, and the pipe I bought in Rabat Africa.  I think you were fooled to sell that cooker 19431102c-Lscan-600at that price too.  They would have really charged you if you were buying it.  But it’s passed now.  The candy was swell.  All you have to do is be sure it’s well wrapped and won’t break open.  I received the pipe and at this moment and smoking it.  It is the best pipe I ever owned.  I don’t know how I will ever thank you.  Betty Carpenter’s husband was killed and Sicily.  He had made a landing behind enemy territory as you have read in the paper and of course was fired upon.  He did a brave thing, by taking a machine gun up on direct line of fire so that he is platoon could get to safety.  I would like to see the pictures but don’t send the enlarged copies.  Say mom I have something for you to do.  My boyfriend Norbert Breunig wants a copy of all of my photographs that I have taken over here so far.  Have them made and send them to his mother and dad.  Because you always hang onto the negatives as a lot of fellows want them.  Tell me how much they cost and he will pay me for them.  The address is Mr. Alois Breuning, Sauk City, Wisconsin..  Yes I wrote two Sister Jane, but have never heard from her as yet.  I have only receive one comic book so far.  Maybe I will get the rest later.  So Bud maybe getting ready to come across.  They should send a lot of those U.S.O. soldiers over here and give them a taste of what we have been through for a year.  So Bernard expects me to go into business with him.  Or maybe I will but that’s a long way off.  He had better save his money now and make a go of his business.  After the war it should be very good.  Yes I know that Mrs. Hinton.  I always waited on her at the store.  She is very nice.  I received a letter from her and answered in already.  Well I guess that takes care of all of your questions.  I have little else to say.  I think I told Gee just about all I could think of so you read her letter.  I have so many letters and have so little time to write them in.  I just don’t know where my time goes.  Things are moving pretty good here.  The damn Germans ruin everything in sight, steal all of the food available, blow up the people’s homes.  What they can’t use they destroy.  Break all the wine bottles, kill the cattle and horses.  Everything imaginable.  It’s a horrible thing, but someday it will all stop.  Goodbye to you both & I’ll write again soon.
Your Son,

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