Letter Home – November 12, 1944

19441112-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad,

Not much to write about. It snowed here the other day and has snowed every day since then. The big trees really look pretty with all the snow on them. My camera was buried in the trucks so I haven’t had time to dig it out and take a picture of it. It’s really hard to crawl out of the old sleeping bag of a morning, as its pretty cold. We have the little light plant fixed now so we get to listen to the radio for the first time in a long time. We had “Command Performance” and “The Hit Parade”. It was really swell to hear good music again. I’m afraid you have won all wrong bomb if you think I have changed. No mom, I’m the same kid. Just in looks that’s all I’ve changed. They say I look to be 30 years old, but I’m still a kid and always will be. By By.

Your Son,

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