Letter Home – March 29, 1944

19440329-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Another day has passed and still I have little to say to you both. Really it’s very hard to write a letter here as you can say very little anyway. You know most of what what’s going on by following the paper. Got a letter from Bud. He is in England. Poor kid, I don’t think he has really realized what it will be like when he gets into combat. He wants to get into it but I bet the first day he will want to be out of it, ha, ha. I know, as our division has had plenty of it. Being in England is more like being in a different camp in the States. At least they can understand one another. Well maybe one of these days I’ll make it back home, but don’t count too much on it. Tell everyone a hello and when I get time I will write to them. Goodbye and I love you both

\Your son

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