Letter Home – March 25, 1943

19430325-600-LscanDear Mother & Dad;

Well here it is Wednesday an I had better tried to get a letter to you. I received two letters from you yesterday and one to day. This month I have received all of your letters to day. I have received about four from “Gee” in the last two days. Maybe Harold C. is just out on manure someplace. They go out on maneuvers over here just like back in the states. That’s probably the reason why his folks haven’t heard from him. What do you think. I went out last Monday and pitched another ball game, sore arm in all. We won 2 to 1, and I only allowed two hits. My arm was so sore after the game I could hardly lifted so I am going two swear off of ball playing till my arm gets better. I won $7.00 on the game though. Did you go to see the newspaper office yet? Did we ever have a night of it last night. Wow! It rained and blowed all night long. I was looking for my tent to blow away any minute. I have sure been lucky on mail call. I have received about 20 letters in the last two days. I’m glad every one write to me, but very few of them tell me how the basketball scores are going that’s one reason why I want the newspaper, then I can catch up on all the sport news. One fellow here at camp got a record from his girl at home and we played it on our recording set. It all came out very plain and we got a great kick out of it. “Gee” said in her letter that you were going to give ray and jean my picture. That will be swell and then I can get them something nice as soon as I get home. Allison you two don’t think this war is going to be over with in a hurry. That is what Uncle Sam tries to do, figure out how many men he can save even though the war does take longer. I think it should be over by this winter though. When things happened there going to happen all at once and that will put a stop to all of this wars. I had a lot I wanted to tell you when I started this letter but when I sat down two write it I can’t think of a thing to say. You and dad take good care of yourself and don’t worry about me. I will be loving you both.


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