Letter Home – June 30, 1944

19440630a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

Little to write about but maybe this letter will help cheer you up a little. Had a letter from Snook the other day and he is Okea. I haven’t the slightest idea where he is now but maybe someday I will run into him.

Say I finally sent that package home so you should get it one of these days. They must be about 17 gifts for every one in there. I have the name wrote on all of the presents so will you please do the delivery for me. I hope they get home Okea because there worth a fortune. If you want too, you can open them all up and look at them. Just so the right people get them that’s all I Care. So when you 19440630b-Lscan-600unwrap them to be sure they don’t get mixed up.

The days are sure hot here, but the knights are sure cold, so we get two sleep good. One of the Fellows saw Herman Osterbur the other day so I’ll go see him, as soon as I can.

Say has Dad or Bernard been taking care of my guns. I don’t want them to get rusty as I’ll be home some day. Dad always be careful of a gun with a clip in it, it may be loaded, always take the clip out first. You never did say whether you had cleaned it or not. It was well oiled when I left, but I’m sure it was loaded so if you haven’t cleaned in it be careful. Has Bernard been using my guns any? If he has, make him cleaned them. Well I guess this is all for now so I’ll say good-bye. Write when you have time, and I love you both.

Your Son,

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