Letter Home – June 27, 1945

19450627a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;

Well I should be leaving in a few days to the 103rd Division. That division is declared non-essential and will be sent back to the states and the man discharged. It will probably take about two months before I get home, but at least you know I’m coming someday. I’ll keep a writing and let you know what’s going on. Don’t send any more packages as I’ll probably be home before they would get here.

Gee wanted to know if my girl here could make her something. Well she could to if she had the stuff but you can’t buy anything here.

19450627b-Lscan-600Boy Mom I wish I could find someone like her back in the states. She does all of my laundry, and keeps all of my things as neat as a pin. Work, I never saw girl works so much. She’s not a beautiful girl, but she is sweet, and you never merry girls for their looks anyway, do you? Don’t worry Mom I won’t marry her, as she speaks very little in English. The pour kid is in love with me. I thought I was leaving the other day and she cried all day and night, but now I don’t know when I’ll leave, but it should be soon.

Guess this is all for now so I’ll say good by, and will write again soon.

Your Son

P.S. I’m sending a lot of junk home so keep it in the boxes as I want to give some of it away when I get home. It will probably be better if you don’t open the boxes at all. Save them till I get there.

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