Letter Home – June 21, 1944

19440621a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

I am really behind in my letter writing, so please forgive me for not writing more often. We are kept pretty busy now. I have a few of your letters before me as I will answer them while I have a little time and at least have a little to say in a letter. They are dated May 9, 11, 14, 18, 20, Dads 21, 26, 29, 31, June 9, 10, 12, 15.
I had already answered dads letter of the 27th. You sure seem to be getting the house fixed up. It will really look pretty when I get home. George Sanford really got a break didn’t he? Boy Pat surely spread it on thick, but what was that piece in the Tribune about, I never did get to see it. I can just see dad bringing home that box of 19440621b-Lscan-600candy. Dear old dad, you can’t beat him. To hear you talking of those kids going to that dance, brought back old memories. Guess those days are gone for ever. I sure got a kick out of your telling me about Mrs. Nelson not sending but that clipping. From what I gather from Bud’s letter he will be miles behind the lines. You needn’t worry about me dad, I can take care of myself. I have had a couple of letters from Paul Wilson but haven’t had time to write him. Maybe I’ll get to see him one of these days. So Ray & Junior are officers now. Doesn’t seem possible does it. I’m glad that they made it, but I don’t know whether I would trade places or not for all that I have seen, but I am tired of it now an want to get home to you and dad. So Bernice going to have another baby. Boy how time flies. The paper might have said Snook’s outfit was the first one in, but I’m pretty sure we were the first, but it’s a big place and it doesn’t make any difference who was first. I saw a fellow from Snooks outfit and Snook is okay. I won’t be able to see him now as we are scattered out too far. Maybe I will someday again. Thanks for the picture of Ray & Jeane. Mom tell Mrs. Fleshner that I think of her a lot even though I don’t write to her. I know she reads your letters. But I will write soon. Goodbye and I love you both very much.

Your Son,

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