Letter home – June 19, 1943

19430619-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad;
Oh how I have been neglecting you again, but I have been too busy to write. Don’t look for are so many letters for a while as I have little time to write. Tell every one not to expect letters from me and tell them all below. I have sent you another package. The scarf in the package will need a good xxxxxx job by the time it gets there. A lot of their equipment is made from wood an you can see from the salt and pepper shakers. How do you like the pipe, ha ha put my souvenirs in a box and I will explain them all when I get home. I also mailed for rolls of film but it will have to go through the base sensor to get developed. Let me know how many pictures you get out of the four rolls. Well mother and dad I had better bring this letter to a close. Say a few extra prayers for me and I’ll be home one of these days, just wait and see. I’ll be loving and thinking of you both.
Your son “Chick”

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