Letter Home – July 4, 1944

19440704a-Lscan-600Dear Mother & Dad

This day use to be one of my favorite days when I was a kid, but now over here it’s just another day. We did have a good dinner though. Turkey and dressing. I was pretty full by the time I stop eating too, ha,,ha, but somehow or another I can’t seem too put on weight. I guess I’ll remain thin the rest of my life. Oh well who cares as long as I am never sick and stay healthy. One thing I have it on the fellows here, I don’t sweat as much as they do in hot weather like we are having now.

Here I got close enough to seep Paul and he had moved out. I also went up to see Herman Osterbur, but he had gone 19440704b-Lscan-600visiting himself so I didn’t get to see him. Remember that box I told you about. Well dad there is a gun in it to be claimed, but be careful as it is loaded. Take the clip out first, cock the bolt back and make sure it’s empty. Then taken the shells out of the clip.

What all did you both do today? Was it pretty quiet around home? Ha ha. I still have to laugh at me blowing the pants off of dad one fourth of July, ha,ha. Then went up town to get some medicine, Saw more firecrackers, bought them and shot them up before I came home. Boy that was the good old day and before belong or I should say another year and all of this mess should be settled.

19440704c-Lscan-600I wrote Gee about the accident I had so there’s no use repeating it. I guess all of the prayers that you are saying for me at home brought me through. Ha ha. Any way I got a couple of days rest and a good bet to sleep in. Tell Gee to save any news clippings that come up. She remembers last year and how she missed out on my scrap book. Guess this is all for now. Goodbye to you both and I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Your Son,

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