Letter home – July 23, 1943

Vmail - 19430723Dear Mother & Dad;
This is the first chance I have had to write and let you know where I’m. I know you have been worrying your heads off but it just couldn’t be helped. Today is the first day since we landed that we could write. I am well and in good shape, I hope you are all the same. Now don’t expect too many letters as the war is going good and we advance so fast that we have little time to write. The Dagoes are poorer fires and give themselves up by the hundreds. Sicily is a pretty place if you like mountains. There is nothing but high mountains everywhere, and its rugged going. I will write a long letter the first chance I get and tell you all about it. Tell every one polo for me, and I will write to them later. We received our first mail today and a long time. Goodbye an I love you both from the bottom of my heart. Please don’t worry as I’ll be OK.
Your Son “Chick”

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